No event is too big or small for us. We are proud to stand committed to creating unforgettable, meticulously executed events no matter what the occasion. Our forte is our dedicated team who are production savvy and creatively geared to design and execute no matter what our client requires.

    Book launches
  • Stage shows
  • Music concerts
  • International pop acts
  • Theatre productions
  • Club nights / launches
  • Christmas / new year celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Fund raisers
  • Birthday parties
  • Book Launches
  • Corporate Events
  • Catalogues/ photo / calendar shoots

Theatre is our passion! Our productions have been hailed as landmarks and have run housefull for many years. EVITA ran continuously for over three years and is still considered better than all its international versions. It created hysteria in its time and Sharon, our lead actress, was presented with several awards for her riveting performance in the title role. It is no wonder that fans continue to beseech us for a revival and we are proud to announce that EVITA will once again take the spot light in a brand new production in 2016.

  • The Award winning EVITA ( over 700 shows)
  • CABARET (over 200 shows)
  • BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE (English version over 150 shows)
  • BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE (Hindi Version over 90 shows)
  • ALL THE KING'S MEN(27 shows)
  • THE ODD COUPLE(40 shows)
  • 2 B U(50 shows)
  • ROSHNI(33 shows)
  • THE SHARON EXTRAVAGANZA (over 500 shows)
  • UNSPOKEN DIALOGUES (over 40 shows)
  • Legend Of Lovers 2016
  • Legend Of Lovers upcoming tour

We firmly believe that summits are a powerful means of creating great thought processes and synergised ideating. We have created local and outbound summits

  • A Medical Convention
  • An Automobile Dealer Conference
  • A Games Tournament
  • A Think Tank Summit: to facilitate out of the box mind expansion
  • Effective Parenting
  • An International Games / Athletic Meet

More than ever before communication skills are the need of the hour. It is sad but true that many talented employees fall off the success ladder simply because they are not eloquent speakers. It is therefore absolutely necessary to address this vital issue.Our programme is geared to enable you to improve your speaking skills and transform you into a dynamic articulate speaker.

  • The Art Of Effective Communication
  • Conquering Stage Fright
  • Speak To Impact
  • Correct Vocabulary Selection
  • Interview Techniques
  • Social / Business Communication Skills
  • Articulate To Impress
  • Presentation Skills
  • How To Be A Masterful Presenter
  • Voice Modulation
  • Stand Up And Deliver!

Discover the vital importance of power dressing.

  • Dress To Impress
  • Vital Grooming /Style Tips To Give You The Look Of A Winner
  • Let Your Style Quotient Represent Your Personality
  • Blend Colours And Accessories Effortlessly

Master Powerful Life Strategies To Live The Life You Dreamt Of

  • Learn To Be The CEO Of Your Life
  • Create A Harmonious Work/Life Balance
  • Live The Life You Always Dreamt Of
  • Look At Failures As Challenges Not Obstacles
  • Master The Crucial Difference Between Vision And Goals
  • Embrace A Stress Free Healthy Life Using 5 Simple Techniques