Our Testimonials - Events

Shiamak Davar

I remember clearly the impact EVITA had on me. For me, a young boy, looking for direction, I found a mentor in Alyque and in EVITA I found my passion in dance. Since then we have worked together in many productions and those years have gone by too soon. They were years that defined me and gave me the answers I was looking for. WOW! What shows Sharon, Alyque and I have created! From EVITA to Cabaret to The Asian Track And Field Meet… I look forward to us working together in the future.

Dancer / Choreographer

Pia Dastur

Working with Alyque and Sharon over the years in Evita has been a rewarding experience. I remember the excitement when the lights dimmed and the overture started… The camaraderie shared by the cast and crew, the infectious enthusiasm of the performers and the sense of achievement once the curtains came down. And last but not least, the extensive note - taking in keeping with Alyques’ mantra: “Work to list”, has kept me in good stead to this day! Neither Alyque or Sharon compromise on production value. Their mantra is very simple:” Every night is opening night. God is in the detail.” To work with them is to master discipline, perfection and the deadline. I wish them well on all their future productions.

Pia Dastur – Associate Director.

Neetu Ahluwalia

It's impossible for me to sum up my experience of working with Sharon on her concerts and theatre, but I am going to give it a try.  In my 26 years of working life, I have yet to come across someone as hardworking and dedicated as Sharon when it comes to her work.  I remember us meticulously working on each show as an individual project and her looking into each detail with microscopic eyes.  Her shows have always been ahead of their time and she is always self-evolving.  I would get goose bumps every time the show would eventually unfold on the stage as it was always spectacular and larger than life.  I learnt so much working with Sharon and those were some of the best days of my life and I will always cherish them.

Neetu Ahluwalia – Manager / Executive In Charge.

Ashish Virmani

"My experience of working in the production team with Alyque and Sharon on Tarantula Tanzi was more about the people involved in the production and the wonderful warm family it was...about the after parties...Alyque and Sharon always had an after party after landmark playings...of Sharon's warm concern for everyone on the production like a mother hen (she was executive producer)...of Alyque's strict yet fatherly concern...of Shiamak Davar who showed brilliance early on...of Karla Singh who played a feminist Tanzi when feminism was not yet in vogue...of travelling to different cities and learning from the audiences...it was a precious and an irreplaceable experience of my youthful days".

Ashish Virmani - DNA Mumbai

Sandhya Gorthi

I auditioned for a role in Evita shortly after moving to Mumbai in the late 90s. Although it was Sharon Prabhakar who took up the singing and undertook my vocal coaching, I knew the grand master of this orchestra was The Alyque Padamsee! Alyque is a force to behold when he's working. I honestly don't know how he pulled it all together, where he got all that energy from, but I will say that he was a rare breed of gentleman. I remember he wanted me to try my song "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" in different styles, one of them being weepy. I'm not a big crier and obviously this was showing. Finally an exasperated Alyque said, 'if I were to slap you, would you cry?' My eyes grew wide with horror as he walked up to me and raised his hand, and gave me the gentlest pat on my cheek! My eyes did fill up with tears but this was happy emotion. He was such a softie!  Over the years I've watched with admiration as he shared his thoughts and actions on terrorism, AIDS, innovation...you'd think he'd slow down...but when I meet him, and he's never never too busy for a hug and hello, I can only ask, quoting a line from my song, "So what happens now, Alyque?"!

Sandhya Gorthi – Director Sanctum.

Lisa Rodrigues

The 'Motown' sound is one of the most exciting in the music world, but the 1st time Sharon mentioned the word 'Motown', I had no idea what it meant... and that's exactly how the show 'The Magic of Motown ' started out. After nearly 3 months of hard work, putting the show together bit by bit, song by song, it finally started to come together. With just weeks left, our determination to do justice to the greats of the Motown era made it even more important that the show be as true as possible. We had the sound down, and with just days left, choreography kicked in, we mastered the mood and got into the groove... and voilà, 'The Magic of Motown' cast it's spell. Overjoyed to be a part of this truly magical effort.

Lisa Rodrigues – Singer / Associate Director

Cynthia Dsouza

Through the years I’ve been to many of Sharon’s performances. She’s made me laugh… she’s made me cry… but having seen so many of her productions, I do have to give special mention to the fact that every show has always been a visual treat. Her ability to stand tall, not compromise on quality, and play her part to perfection, will continue to cement a very special place for her in the entertainment industry.

Cynthia Dsouza - Rolls -Royce

Delon Misquitta

I was in the audience during Magic Of Motown and was completely blown away by the entire spectacle! The show finished all too soon… never a dull moment. From the talent on stage to the lighting… to the stage effects… what an experience! Its clear that a lot of effort went into making this event truly spectacular and I wish them all the success for their future events.

Delon Misquitta – Assistant General Manager - Kanakia

Mehernosh Bharucha

EVITA in its entirety has ruled over me since 1983. I have attended the 100th show of its first run and when it was revived in 1999-2000, I went for it FIVE TIMES. Sharon has taken on challenging roles in politically-themed productions and even produced India's FIRST HOME GROWN STAGE MUSICAL Thru the decades, Sharon has kept evolving personally and professionally and I greatly admire her for that.  I wish Sharon ALL THE VERY BEST and look forward more eagerly now than ever before to what she offers audiences NEXT !  Forever Her Fan,

Mehernosh Bharucha

Our Testimonials - Corporates

Trudy Dsouza

Sharon Prabhakar delivered an excellent 2 day soft skill training programme at Edelweiss Financial Services recently. She was par excellence & managed to understand the core strengths & weakness of each employee. She further fortified their confidence and personality to give them that cutting edge over the rest. I firmly endorse Sharon to any corporate that is looking for empowering its employees to be responsible for the growth & expansion of their company.

Trudy Dsouza – Regional Manager Corporate Office - Edelweiss Financial Services.

Suzanne Patel

Sharon works very well with students, empowering them with creativity, confidence and easy to follow life coaching skills. She is able to connect with youngsters in a warm friendly way and magically manages to wipe away their self doubts and insecuritie. She manages to give students the much required impetus to cope with peer pressure, study-stress and to look at life head on! Its been a pleasure working with Sharon and I’m sure our paths will cross again soon. I look forward to it.

Suzanne Patel – IB Teacher Fazlani

Deepa Kohli

Sharon's workshop with Mahindra & Mahindra on makeup and skin care was enjoyable and a great learning experience

Deepa Kohli - HR Manager IGM.

Sunmukh Wadke

Ms. Prabhakar’s seminar on presentation and confidence skills has been an insightful, rewarding experience, one that I will cherish all my life!

Sunmukh Wadke - Manager Corporate Sales

Rajan Choughule

Sharons workshop with our students was a great learning experience. Her passion and enthusiasm were very infectious! We look forward to having her back on our campus soon!

Rajan Choughule - Director Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Photography, Pune